GCU AutoLEARN / Closed Loop

You CAN, but

HTG tuning GCU standalone brings a NEW meaning of “NO MORE TUNING“.
Regardless if You are skilled professional wether passionate hobbyist, not doing something manually is not a bad thing! In fact it can be a WISE thing…

features a state-of-the-art AUTONOMOUS LEARNING algorithms taking all mapping hassle away and letting tuners and drivers focus on the key things – PERFORMANCE and FUN!

Many names – ONE GOAL

Closed Loop / AutoLEARN/ AutoTUNE / Live Adaptation / Dynamic Analysis or different phrases that describle the same phenomenon. Regardless of the word of choice there is always and the same GOAL – best QUALITY and PERFORMANCE.

HTG tuning Gearbox Control Unit features a functionality that takes care of shift quality in REALTIME and stores LONG-TERM ADAPTATION values. User / tuner is responsoble only for defining how quick the shifts are meant to be! 

BASIC setup

Using HTG SUITE set initial IO configuration of Your vehicle, selector, paddles and other components using HTG supplied PRESETS or define Your own


Setup done? Now trigger STATIC adaptation – GCU will do all RAW data analysis magic in couple minutes of idling and once finished it’s time to HIT THE ROAD!


Every road you take, every shift you make HTG GCU adapts the tune and long term corrections!
Learning never finishes – it’s always there for You.