If You’re using any kind of a dual clutch transmission (GS7, PDK, DSG, etc) you’re going to need to do the adaptation before tuning the gearbox.

This procedure requires You to follow below steps:
  1. Start the engine
  2. Hold the brake during adaptation process
  3. Press “Run Adaptation” in the HTG Configuration App
  4. Gearbox will perform various actions allowing GCU to learn unique transmission’s calibration details. You will hear the selectors moving.
  5. After some time (up to 2 minutes) you will get information that the calibration has been finished.
  6. Successful adaptation will allow You to start tuning Your transmission from now on.

Pro tips:

Speed of the adaptation depends on the line pressure of the gearbox. Temporary lowering “Line Pressure” table (setting maximal line pressure (value 0%) in the idle range of the map) will speed-up whole process. Once adaptation is successful restore desired line pressure values.

Probable issue: Adaptation never finishes!

It means that adaptation process failed. You may consider that adaptation failed if it takes more than 3 minutes. There are three possible reasons causing such situation:

  1. Air not bled in transmission control system. To bleed the air retry adaptation procedure 2-3 times.
    How to retry adaptation procedure?
    Reset GCU by cutting off the power to the GCU (remember to re
    move USB cable as well), restart configuration app and retry adaptation process.
  2. If it still fails, check Line Pressure, oil level – if there is still not enough oil in the gearbox selectors won’t have sufficient “power” to move .
  3. If the oil level is OK and line pressure is set to the max (value = 0%) it means that there is a electrical/mechanical issue most probably. Perform Valve Tester, check wiring and if You cannot find the issue – contact us. We will help You with full gearbox/wiring diagnostics.