There is option to connect multiple switches into single analog input. Main goal of this idea is to save as many analog inputs as possible.

Wiring ADC switches has to be done in manner presented on picture below:

Each switch has to have individual pulldown resistor of different (unique) value, then all need to have one (common) pull-up resistor.
Values of resistors can be used up to user preferences if unique.

In ADC switch menu there are available configuration options:

  • Alias – user defined name of the object
  • ADC pin – which Analog_IN is the switch connected to
  • Range – what power source is used as a pull-up.
  • Pull-up – value of pull-up resistor in OHMs
  • Pull-down – value of pull-down resistor in OHMs
  • Precision – resistors precision in Per-miles (0.1%)
  • Filter – enable filtering (next two options):
    • Input Duration – how long the signal in (ms) has to be present to be TRUE
    • Cooldown – time how long has to pass until switch can be TRUE again

There can be multiple switches connected to single input.