• AN_in:
    Measures voltage input. Switchable range 0-5v and 0-12v for maximum resolution and precision.
  • FREQ_in:
    Senses pulse (frequency) signal. Used mainly to measure shaft speed sensors in the transmission. Can be also used as tacho RPM input if other methods are unavailable (CAN bus). Can measure Time, duty and speed.
  • DIG_in:
    Senses switching to s_GND. Can measure time, duty and switch.
  • s_GND:
    Grounding point for all sensor connections. Sensors should be connected to s_GND instead of regular GND to maximize immunity to noise.


  • PWR_out:
    Power outputs can control valves / devices with High (+) side, or Low (-) side, which is selectable.
    Max const. draw: 5A
  • AN_out:
    Used to output signals in 0-5v or 0-12v range (switchable). 1k output impedance – cannot be used as draw source (can’t power up devices)
  • +5_out:
    Used to power sensors with 5 volts. Cannot be used as draw source (can’t power up devices). 200mA max.
  • +12_out:
    Used to power sensors with 12 volts. Cannot be used as draw source (can’t power up devices) 200mA max.

Power supply:

  • +12_IGN:
    This is wake up signal turning GCU on.
  • +12_main:
    This is main power supply of +12v to the GCU.  Joined with power supply for valves of the trans. Should be secured with fuse (15A unless other value specified). After car shutdown it can be switched-off after tome to minimize draw of valves and stop battery from being drained.
  • GND:
    Ground should be always connected to good grounding point to avoid majority of possible issues.


  • 2x CAN FD
    • CAN_Hi
    • CAN_Lo
  • USB