Over-rev protection.

Unfortunately engines usually cannot rev as high as we'd love them to, so we have to protect them from over-revving. Downshift is "risky" scenario for engine especially in high RPM shift zone, that's why it's very important to setup Over-rev protection. Over-rev protection table uses Gear at (X) axis. Output (Z) of the table is [...]

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Tuning. TCC lockup

Hydraulic transmissions feature TCC (torque converter clutch) lockup. It's a great feature but yet another thing to configure ;) GCU uses a couple of tables to define how TCC should be operated: TCC Engage RPM: Defines above what RPMs (X) at (Y) Gear TCC will be engaged. Depending on purpose of the car, torque characteristics, [...]

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Tuning. Adaptation procedure

If You're using any kind of a dual clutch transmission (GS7, PDK, DSG, etc) you're going to need to do the adaptation before tuning the gearbox. This procedure requires You to follow below steps: Start the engine Hold the brake during adaptation process Press "Run Adaptation" in the HTG Configuration App Gearbox will perform various [...]

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Tuning. Take-up and anti-stall tables

Take-up table is the one that defines start of movement. It is a bit different throughout various transmissions but in general rule i's always RPM dependent. Dual Clutch transmissions use Take-up table RPM x Temperature. After selecting Drive mode (1st gear) GCU will be in IDLE take-up mode - pressure will be partially applied, but [...]

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Tuning. Shifting tuning

Shifting tuning is what user would spend most time playing with. Having proper shift is what we all want and need. Proper shift is quick, precise, and firm, but just in that sweet spot we all love - not too punchy, but nice and clear ;) And we guess with that nice DSG fart upshift [...]

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Tuning. Normal run scenario

Normal run scenario is a scenario when no shifting is being performed, and previous one (if so exists) is finished completely (no-post shift slip exists). During this state GCU uses following tables to define clutch pressure output: MAP - RPM Clutch Pressure [0-100%] MAP - Gear Clutch Pressure multiplier [%] RPM - PPS Clutch Pressure [...]

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GCU tuning and configuration basics.

Tuning is a big word, so in terms of GCU configuration let's divide tuning into couple points: IO configuration CAN configuration Normal run scenario Shifting tuning GCU needs to be fully configured in order to work properly and tuned to make transmission work efficiently and nicely. All of config is done via HTG-config software available [...]

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