ADC Switches

There is option to connect multiple switches into single analog input. Main goal of this idea is to save as many analog inputs as possible. Wiring ADC switches has to be done in manner presented on picture below: Each switch has to have individual pulldown resistor of different (unique) value, then all need to have [...]

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Clutch-by-wire. How to connect clutch input to GCU?

CBW functionality can be triggered with any kind of input - analog, digital, CAN message. Assigning analog signal or proportional CAN message gives You ability to control clutch proportionally. Using digital (1-0) inputs or just switches will result in instant transitions. Choose Your triggering method based on application needs. Switches or potentiometers - feed them [...]

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HTG GCU pinout.

  Inputs: AN_in: Measures voltage input. Switchable range 0-5v and 0-12v for maximum resolution and precision. FREQ_in: Senses pulse (frequency) signal. Used mainly to measure shaft speed sensors in the transmission. Can be also used as tacho RPM input if other methods are unavailable (CAN bus). DIG_in: Senses switching to s_GND. s_GND: Grounding point for [...]

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HTG GCU wiring kit. How to connect it?

Our wiring kit covers all necessary connections to allow GCU fully control desired transmission. Each of our kits has second branch of wires - those have to be connected to certain points in the car. 2x GCU +12v_const (M3, M4) labeled as "BAT+" (red wires). It's main power supply for GCU and transmission. Wire to [...]

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