The effortless plug-and-play transmission, chassis and ECU control solution.

We are passionate about both MOTORSPORT and ELECTRONICS.
HTG delivers innovative solutions for professional and hobby users. Our eyes and ears are focused on our community needs and requests, so here it is – HTG IO CAN gateway.

Manufactured with respect to automotive standards, easy to use for car enthusiasts and flexible enough for professionals.

Ah, we have Your attention 🙂 Let’s get down to details!

Easy to use HTG IO CAN transmission controller for ZF 8HP, BMW DCT, VW DSG, Porsche PDK, and many more, across any chassis. When using HTG IO CAN, the original safety strategies of your OEM TCU apply, ensuring a safe yet high-performing driving experience.

Born from the insights of the track and the needs of our customers, the HTG IO CAN is designed to make top-tier transmission control accessible, regardless of your vehicle or aftermarket ECU.