Why HTG tune and support?

Trust professionals and have the tune tailored especially for you and have experienced finger on the pulse while You're focused on the race!

Tuning and supporting hundreds of setups every year remotely and on track we are in top efficiency condition to deliver PRECISE, QUICK and SAFE tune that is right for You!

Bartek Castelli
Bartek CastelliCEO, tuner
Founder of HTG tuning, co-creating world’s most advanced standalone Gearbox Control Unit from day 1 to bring vision of Dual Clutch and Auto boxes to motorsport!
Focused, open-minded, experienced and always smiling – that’s B. Castelli. Dedicated to motorsport life tuned countless engine and transmission setups worldwide, both REMOTELY and ON-SITE.
What’s more – passionate motorsport driver and engineer. Shortly: guy that understands!


HTG tuning users and customers are spread across whole globe and that makes us so happy and proud, therefore we offer most complete service range possible!

If You don’t feel like tuning Yourself or just prefer having it done by professional, we’re there for You!


How does it work?

Connect laptop to mobile hotspot, plug HTG device, get in the car, put your favourite headphones on so we can talk and start driving and launch HTG proprietary remote tool .
That’s it! We will take care about all settings and adjustments remotely via the internet.
We are able to tune all scenarios and deliver fully operational, smooth, precise and super fun tune for any application.

Remote tuning can be done on the dyno, race track or road.
We canalso work off-line by log review if live connection is not possible. We’re FLEXIBLE!


Well, even though we are focused on motorsports we care about ALL of the DETAILS. Including everyday driveability!

Driving Your hardcore race car to the track no longer has to hurt Your back or be a challenge. Benefit fully from high technology in Your vehicle and precise tune along closed-loop monitoring and enjoy Your car every day regardless if it’s track, off-road, chill, or race day!


We race, we drift, we drive. We understand what’s involved and how to get Your build where You want it to be.

Our builds successfully race and win in various series like Time Attack, Drift, Hillclimb, Pikes Peak, off-road, endurance and many more.

As the tuners and as critical control unit manufacturers we want to work with teams and drivers as close as possible tofully understand the needs and individual taste and profile our products as much as possible.


TRACK support

  • Schedule season/event with HTG support
  • Remote or on-site attendance

Remote GCU tuning

  • Convenient remote service
  • Quick and precise tune

Individual setup help

150started hour
  • Base check and IO configuration
  • Remote support session

Want to schedule session or a trip? Send inquiry email to: