Domiworks DCT GS7 wiring kit


The DomiWorks Engineering DCT Wiring Kit is a wiring kit especially developed for the BMW Getrag DCT Gearbox and HTG-Tuning GCU.



This kit is hand built inhouse at DomiWorks Engineering, its made out of high end genuine motorsport graded goods and concentric twisted for a premium thin and light experience. Made with the correct DMC crimpers and tools.

A selection of components in our harnesses is :

– Spec55 Wires
– DR-25 heat shrink tube
– Deutsch Autosport connectors

The kit includes the following parts:

– External harness, between the GCU and gearbox connector

– Internal harness, between external gearbox connector and internal mechatronics
– Features our own developed gearbox connector adapter

– DomiWorks Engineering PCB modification board and required wires

– Bolt for gearbox connector adapter

If this product is not in stock expect a lead time of 1-2 weeks at normal working loads.

Installation Instructions

Installation Guidelines Wiring Kit

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