DSG DQ250 external wiring kit


External wiring kit for VW DQ250 DSG 6-speed transmissions.

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We have many years experience in making custom, dedicated looms for automotive and motorsport applications. All of our wiring kits are made with top quality materials, though still very cost effective. Concentric twist is a standard method at HTG tuning.

If You’d like to save a lot of time our external concentric twist loom for DCT is something for You!
Along external loom it includes 26pin circular connector and crimping terminas required to make internal wiring for the VW DQ250 DSG transmission to work with HTG GCU Gearbox Control Unit:

Our wiring kit covers all necessary connections to allow GCU fully control desired transmission. Internal part of the loom has to be done by end-user. Full wiring kit is also available for ordering.
Each of our kits has second branch of wires – those have to be connected to certain points in the car.

If You have additional requirements for Your loom like additional inter-connectors (for example firewall passages) or PnP connector fittings for auxiliary devices please get in touch with our sales team at sales@htg-tuning.com

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