HPR DCT oil cooler adapter

Don’t go through the pain of hammering your transmission tunnel to fit a bulky oil cooler adapter.

With the ports facing backwards, its by far the slimmest adapter on the market with only 22mm build height
(feel free to check the competition anytime)

The adapter makes it super easy to run your hoses either to the rear or the front of the car, without sacrificing space.

CNC machined out of 6061 billet aluminium to the highest surface finish possible, (0.4 μm Ra) , bead blasted and anodized to get top level of finish.
(superior to most others on the market)

We manage to get you all this at a great price due to less complex machining and large quantity machining orders.

  • High grade CNC machined adapter
  • Only 22mm build height
  • Laser printed torque specs for easy installation
  • Comes with Viton o-rings and stainless steel Hardware.
  • 3/8″ BSP female threads
  • Optional An8 adapters with proper dowty seals.