Latest Firmware: 1.1.3 (22.05.2023)
Latest Suite: 1.1.3 (22.05.2023)

HTG Tuning Suite // Used to configure and tune HTG tuning Gearbox Control Unit. Windows 10 required.


HTG tuning external Datalogger // Used to view logs of HTG tuning Gearbox Control Unit.

HTG tuning USB drivers // Windows should get HTG drivers automatically but in case of any problems assign those to HTG product.

HTG GCU change-log

HTG Remote Support tool // Remote desk software for support

HTG SUITE 1.0.19E // Snapshot of last version of suite before DC CL strategy.

HTG tuning WIKI

FAQs have been moved to and replaced by wiki – HTG tuning knowledge base. You can find it under below link 🙂

HTG tuning WIKI

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