HTG DCU Differential Control Unit


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The “HTG DCU” a groundbreaking product from HTG Tuning, revolutionizes another realm of advanced vehicle tuning. This standalone differential and transfer case controller is engineered to offer enthusiasts and professionals unparalleled control and customization for vehicle performance.

Available on backorder

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Key Features:

  1. Complete Control: The HTG DCU allows for full command over differential or transfer cases, facilitating precise vehicular adjustments.
  2. Customizable Mapping: Offers mappable behavior for tailored performance, ensuring your vehicle reacts exactly as you need it to in varying conditions.
  3. CAN Bus Compatibility: Efficiently communicates over CAN bus for seamless integration and operation with modern vehicle systems.
  4. Robust Design: Encased in a waterproof CNC aluminum case, guaranteeing durability in all environments.
  5. User-Friendly: Suitable for both amateur enthusiasts and professional tuners, it bridges the gap between high-end functionality and accessibility.

Performance Benefits of Mapping Differential Lockup:

  1. Enhanced Traction and Grip: HTG Diff’s ability to control the differential lockup based on various parameters like wheel slip, engine torque, and vehicle speed means that the optimal amount of grip is maintained throughout different sections of the track. This is particularly beneficial in powering out of corners, where controlled differential lockup can prevent excessive wheel spin and ensure more power is effectively transmitted to the track, leading to faster corner exits.
  2. Improved Cornering Ability: With adjustable settings for different steering angles, the HTG Diff can optimize the differential behavior during cornering. This means the vehicle can maintain higher speeds through corners with improved stability, reducing understeer or oversteer, which is crucial for shaving seconds off lap times.
  3. Adaptability to Track Conditions: Track conditions can vary greatly (e.g., dry, wet, varying asphalt types). The HTG Diff allows for rapid adjustments to the differential settings to suit these conditions. A vehicle that can adapt quickly to changes in the track surface will consistently perform better, leading to more consistent and potentially faster lap times.
  4. Better Braking Performance: By adjusting the differential lockup in response to brake pressure, the HTG Diff can help maintain stability during braking, especially into corners. This allows for later and more effective braking, reducing the time spent decelerating and increasing overall average speed around the track.
  5. Customization for Driver Style and Strategy: Different drivers have different styles, and the HTG Diff’s mapping capabilities mean the differential behavior can be tailored to suit these styles. Whether a driver prefers late braking, early acceleration out of corners, or a balanced approach, the HTG Diff can be configured to complement and enhance their technique.
  6. Reduced Wear and Tear: Properly managed differential lockup can reduce the strain on tires and drivetrain components. This not only improves the longevity of these parts but also ensures consistent performance throughout a race, as the vehicle suffers less from performance degradation due to wear.
  7. Driver Confidence: Knowing that the vehicle is equipped with a system that dynamically adjusts to optimize performance allows the driver to focus more on their driving technique and less on compensating for the vehicle’s limitations.

Direct Impact of Differential Lockup Mapping:

Mapping the differential lockup directly affects how power is distributed to the wheels. In scenarios where one wheel may lose traction, the system can adjust to ensure that power is sent to the wheel with the most grip, thereby maintaining control and stability. This is particularly beneficial in performance or off-road driving, where varying conditions demand adaptive power distribution for optimal performance. Same thing applies to FWD / RWD balance which is crucial in performance while utilising center differential / transfer case.

It makes the DIFFerence.

Intelligent, adaptive

When mapping the rear differential lockup in a rear-wheel drive car, establishing a priority hierarchy among the various system variables is crucial for optimal performance. The priority can vary based on the specific use-case scenario (e.g., daily driving, racing, off-roading so user input is crucial here, but attention to details is in HTG Diff Control Unit’s hands. It uses adaptation known from HTG GCU to precisely optimize long term parameters with respect to user defined demands.


Upgrading an older vehicle with a modern adjustable differential controlled by HTG Diff can significantly enhance its track performance, potentially leading to improved lap times.
In summary, the introduction of an advanced system like the HTG Diff to an older vehicle transforms its track capabilities, allowing for optimized grip, better cornering, adaptability to conditions, effective braking, and overall improved lap times. It essentially modernizes the vehicle’s performance characteristics, making it more competitive against newer models.

Experience the unparalleled control and customization of vehicle performance with HTG Differential Control Unit.


Note: HTG DCU Differential Control Unit is available now only in preorder and we will start shipping it in April.

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