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The HTG IO CAN from HTG Tuning, an effortless plug-and-play transmission control solution. It integrates with your gearbox, chassis control systems, and aftermarket ECU, bringing world-class motorsport performance and safety to your fingertips. Enjoy the same winning torque management strategies as the professionals, without the need for complex wiring.

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Introducing the HTG IO CAN, the innovative solution from the acclaimed HTG Tuning brand, trusted by award-winning drivers in professional racing leagues worldwide. Born from the insights of the track and the needs of our customers, the HTG IO CAN is designed to make top-tier transmission control accessible, regardless of your vehicle or aftermarket ECU.

Use Cases:

  1. Effortless Transmission Control: HTG IO CAN interacts with your vehicle’s gearbox via CAN bus communication, avoiding the need for complex TCU rewiring or standalone wiring looms. From resto-mod applications to motorsport, enjoy the ease of operation while maintaining the OEM TCU safety strategies and OBD diagnostics.
  2. Interface with ECUs and Chassis: Seamlessly bridge the gap between standalone ECUs and chassis control systems. Maintain full vehicle functionality without sacrificing the performance capabilities of your aftermarket ECU.
  3. Sensors and Inputs Expander: Stream data from any sensor connected to the 12 analog and 4 frequency inputs directly to your CAN bus, enabling customizable control.
  4. CAN Bus Gateway: HTG IO CAN acts as a gateway between the 4 CAN FD buses, enabling you to control multiple car systems from ABS to differential controls.


  1. Ease of Use: With HTG IO CAN, you can implement a sophisticated transmission control strategy without the need for professional-level knowledge.
  2. Broad Compatibility: Whether you’re working with standalone ECUs or even OEM ones, HTG IO CAN integrates seamlessly. It supports transmissions including ZF 8HP, BMW DCT, VW DSG, Porsche PDK, and more, across any chassis.
  3. Preserved Safety Strategies: When using HTG IO CAN, the original safety strategies of your OEM TCU apply, ensuring a safe yet high-performing driving experience.
  4. Premium Quality: Encased in a black anodized, CNC machined aluminum body, with a 26 pin slim Superseal 1.0 connector and USB-C for PC communication, the HTG IO CAN is a testament to HTG Tuning’s dedication to top-end quality and premium finishes.


  1. Inputs: 12 analog and 4 frequency inputs for sensor connection
  2. CAN Bus Control: 4 CAN FD buses with built-in software-enabled termination (120 ohm)
  3. Connectivity: 26 pin slim Superseal 1.0 connector, USB-C connector for PC communication
  4. Material: CNC machined aluminum case, anodized in black weighting only 285g
  5. Manufactured: Made in Poland
  6. Configuration: Handled by “HTG Tuning Suite” application

Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of motorsport with HTG Tuning, a brand where innovation is an integral part of our DNA, and customer satisfaction is our endgame. Drive with the confidence that you’re supported by a team dedicated to RnD of motorsport technologies. Choose HTG IO CAN, where high-end functionality meets easy usability.


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