Honda S2000 8HP kit

A complete bolt in chassis kit for the Honda S2K models

The kit is based upon a customer supplyed 8HP70/45 transmission

This transmission kit will take your Honda to the next level, and still be a very comfortable upgrade for road driving.

Features: HPR ultraflex transmission mount HPR 7075 Aluminium transmission crossmember Transmission to engine adapter plate in 7075 aluminium Flywheel with integrated ring gear. Aluminum Alloy AlZnMg+Ti High spec dynamically balanced acc to ISO 1940/1 quality grade G 6.3 HPR output flange to suit Supra auto or 1350 driveshaft 2x bobbin transmission mounts (slightly stronger than the stock bmw) All bolts and hardware included P

We can also offer this kit for other transmissions such as B58/N54/S63/N73 and Jaguar models. Please contact us prior to purchase.

Engine variations
We can get adapters for Kseries and F-series egnines with this kit.
Other engines are also avaliable.

Currently, the shipping time is up to 4 weeks.