Toyota 1JZ/2JZ to Jaguar 8HP70 adapter


Unite the power of Toyota 1JZ or 2JZ engines with the seamless transitions of JAGUAR ZF 8HP70 XJ 351 3.0 automatic transmission using our exclusive kit.

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Kit for connecting Toyota 1JZ lub 2JZ engine to JAGUAR ZF 8HP70 XJ 351 3.0 automatic transmission

The kit includes:

  • The converter hub is made of a special lightweight alloy AlZnMg+Ti with the strength of steel 42CrMo4, designed to work with the factory flywheel from Toyota automatic transmission part number 32101-30090. Due to its limited torque capacity, we recommend not exceeding 600Nm of torque in your project.
  • Adapter made of AW7075-T651 aluminum alloy, surpassing the strength of S355 and C45 steel (1.0503).
  • Mounting bolts for the flywheel, adapter, and gearbox.

Download the installation manual in PDF format.

Kit for engines Toyota 1JZ/2JZ
Working tranmissions JAGUAR ZF 8HP70 XJ 351 3.0


Why choose our solutions?

  • For measurements, we use a modern 3D scanner ATOS GOM, which provides high measurement accuracy. The maximum volumetric measurement error is <0.002mm. Additionally, if the highest measurement accuracy is required, our workshop is equipped with FARO GAUGE ARM measuring arm.
  • For design, we use legal software from Dessault System called Solid Works Professional. Regular annual subscriptions ensure that we always work with the latest software version.
  • In production, we utilize modern CNC machines from DMG MORI, which are regularly inspected and serviced. The machining accuracy is no worse than 0.01mm, ensuring excellent alignment of gearboxes with engines. According to international ITAR regulations, machines commonly used in the industry cannot have a positioning accuracy greater than 0.006mm.
  • We use only the highest quality certified materials in our production, such as special aluminum alloys AlZnMg+Ti with titanium additives for flywheel production. These alloys offer the same strength as 42CrMo4 steel while being lighter in weight. Our adapters are made from an aluminum alloy called AW7075-T651, also known as Fortal. This alloy is nearly three times stronger than the popular AW2017 aluminum. We collaborate with suppliers from the EU and the USA for the delivery of strategic materials.
  • We do not import materials or outsource production to Chinese manufacturers.

Currently, the shipping time is up to 4 weeks.

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