ZF 8HP70X to Nissan Y61 transfer adapter


Available on backorder

Plug and play adaptation kit for Y61 transfer case and ZF 8HP70x AWD by IOD Performance

Available on backorder


COMPLETE plug and play adapter kit for ZF 8HP70x (BMW) and Nissan Patrol Y61 transfer case designed and produced by IOD.

Key features:

  • Install using OEM subframe (from 3.0liter model) and transmission mounts from Nissan Patrol. Compatible also with IOD subframe
  • Connecting shaft made of
  • Connecting shaft made of high-quality heat-treated chrome-molybdenum steel
  • Low weight of the complete set BMW gearbox + IOD Performance adapter + NISSAN reducer
  • Easy assembly and disassembly due to the size and low weight of the gearbox
  • 8-speed ZF8HP automatic gearbox allows you to move in the most efficient range of engine powerband
  • Installation of the adapter kit does NOT require any modifications to the transfer caser.

Depending on the used suspension kit and its appropriate adjustment, the need to change the length of the drive shafts may arise. The reducer is moved backwards by 25mm from its original position.

Kit consists of:

  • adapter
  • connecting shaft
  • shaft seal
  • complete set of bolts.

Additional information

Weight 15,8 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 15 cm

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