Revision 2.0 Release, August 2022

HPR has continued to develop this kit for 18 months, and are finally ready to release a new revision of it. 

Many changes have been done to ease installation and
improve the overall quality of the kit:

  • New engine adapter design (no need for stock dust shield)
  • New transfer adapter design
  • No chassis modifications needed for R34GTR owners
  • No propshafts needed for R34GTR owners
  • Crossmember improvements
  • Newly designed billet oil pump cover
  • CNC machined cover for transfer
  • Design changes done to mechatronics cover
  • Dampened spline hub for flywheel
  • Greatly improved output shaft design


R34GTR owners will especially benefit from the Rev 2.0 kit.
No chassis mods needed, and you can run with the stock propshafts with our new spacer kit for the front propshaft.

The 2.0 kit has the same price as the previous kit.



The HPR Skyline GTR DCT kit retains the stock Attesa 4wd system in your Skyline, coupled up with a newer tech dual clutch transmission.
The 7 speed Getrag dual clutch transmission can be found in all  BMW F-series M2/M3/M4 models (S55 engine)

The gears in the DCT are extremely ridgid, and have been known to take well over 1500 Nm in rwd applications. The stock clutches hold power levels up to 1000 Nm.
We have upgrades in the web-shop for customers seeking more.

This kit will get your Skyline GTR to the next level.
The tight ratios of the DCT will get your engine right in the sweet spot, and keep it there.

No more pushing the redline to get full power in next gear as you need with your long legged, 5 or 6 speed manual transmission.


What you get in the kit

-Engine/DCT adapter parts

  • Adapterplate machined in 7075 aircraft aluminum.
  • Machined flywheel with dampened spline drive and a custom sized starter ring gear.
  • Flywheel material -Extremely strong Aircraft grade Aluminum Alloy AlZnMg+Ti
  • High spec dynamically balanced acc to  ISO 1940/1 quality grade G 6.3
  • All bolts included

-GTR transfer adapter parts

  • HPR shifter block off plate for transfer
  • HPR park unlock
  • Billet adapter plate from DCT to GTR transfer 
  • 8 cnc machined spacers
  • Upgraded output shaft bearing
    (for engine speeds up to 8500rpm on 7th gear)
  • 5 different CNC machined parts to mate the transfer box to the dual clutch transmission
  • Dual oil seal

  • VAR upgraded output shaft with rolled splines and 2 step hardening process
    (your shaft needs to be sent to us for modification)

  • Your choice of 60A or 70A duromoter transmission mounts
  • Transmission crossmember CNC cut in 7075 Aluminium.

  • CNC machined mechatronics cover to clear the front propeller shaft. Anodized black, with some sexy cooling fins. (comes with o-ring and bolts)
  • CNC machined block off for the original wiring passage
  • All bolts, lock-rings, seals and hardware are included
  • Printed instructions are supplied with the kit.



The kit fits all Skyline GTR models with the use of a R32/33 transfer

The F-series DCT suits both the 4.11 (R32/33) and 3.545 (R34) final drive.
No modifications are needed for the transfer case.

A new CNC machined mechatronics cover has been made to clear the front propeller shaft. The main mechatronics connector needs to be removed to clear the cover/propeller shaft.

This cover is designed to house bulkhead connectors and run wiring directly through the cover. Full detailed wiring instructions can be found under “Tech Info” 

Please note that trimming of the DCT transmission webbing and some clearing in the trans tunnel is required to fit the kit. (No trimming needed for R34 GTR owners)

The conversion is 100% reversible back to stock

DCT output shaft

You need to send us your DCT output shaft for re-splining and hardening

We have a few modified shafts ready on an exchange basis, and your kit will be sent out once your output shaft is received and inspected.


Removing the axle is a 15min job with a good puller and basic tools

  1. Remove axle nut and pull off output flange.
  2. Remove rear cover and place it on a stable platform.
  3. Tap out the axle with a suitable hammer and send to us.