PDK 718 to VQ37VHR Adapter Kit


Adapter kit to fit a Porsche 718 PDK gearbox to a Nissan VQ37VHR


Currently the shipping time is 4-6 weeks due to hard accessibility to aluminum alloy.

Adapter made out of high grade aluminum and natural anodized for a premium feel and experience.

PDK coupler hub is made of high strength steel (SS2541).

Requires VQ37VHR Flexplate or a aftermarket flexplate, in the photos we have used a flexplate from LOJ conversions (not included in the kit) to get starter ring gear.

Starter is mounted in the adapter plate, require to drill the holes to get M10 bolt to pass through.

Adapter plate thickness is 50mm.

This adapter plate has got some custom laser engraving which is a separate service we offer.

Adapter kit includes:

– PDK to Nissan VQ37VHR Adapter plate

– PDK coupler hub (length can be done accordingly to the PDK transmission you have), specify this at order

– Flexplate hub adapter (black in pictures)

– Mounting hardware

– Spline grease


Additional information


Damper Torque

1056Nm 780fb/lb, 1300Nm 1000ft/lb, 700Nm 515ft/lb, 860Nm 635ft/lb, 1156Nm 850ft/lb

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