CFD tested high flow banjo design
As the oil enters the banjo connection, the surface area increases up to 230%
This allows the oil to slow down as it changes direction, giving you the least amount of resistance in a compact design.

Stress-tested to 100 Bar without failiure.
(20 times working pressure)

The slimmest and best engineered adapter on the market.
Please check out our Youtube video for more information about it.

In the box

● 1x Ultimate TCA with pre-installed svivel An8 banjo connectors
● 2x GS7 DCT viton o-rings (pre-installed)
● 2x 8HP small port adapters/viton o-rings
● 2x 8HP large port adapters/viton o-rings
● 2x 8HP Jaguar port spacers with o-rings (for use with stepped small adapter)
● 1x M6 bolt stainless steel
● 1x M8 bolt stainless steel
● Printed Installation guidelines