Porsche PDK Plug’n’Play wiring adapter


PnP adapter connecting HTG Gearbox Control Unit directly into OEM Porsche PDK loom.


Package includes :

  • Plug and Play PDK to GCU wiring loom adapter
  • GCU wiring loom for the adaper


If You own Porsche that originally had PDK transmission you want to control with HTG tuning Gearbox Control Unit and You don’t feel like doing new wiring that plug and play adapter kit is the way You want to go.

Adapter plugs in OEM connectors and comes with connectors to pigtail loom connecting it directly to GCU unit without need to rework any wiring. It covers ECU, dash, selector and chassis communication. Loom not included.

Comes in 3d printed box, anodized CNC cases available for order.
PnP adapter requires connector sockets to be desoldered from OEM TCM and soldered on the board. Please send sockets / stock TCM to us and we will prepare adapter completely beofre shipping out. Otherwise it will come with instructions how to install sockets.

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