ZF 8HP SLG Wiring kit for HTG GCU


The Seems Legit Garage 8HP Harness Kit ensures a smooth ZF 8HP swap into any car. Made in-house with motorsport-grade materials, the kit comes complete with all necessary connectors for the HTG GCU. Opt for our PCB Option for easy internal wiring tailored to your transmission version (90A and 95 coming soon). For added flair and protection, check out our PCB Cover. And if you’d rather avoid the intricacies, our Wiring Service handles the mechatronics wiring for a quick, hassle-free setup.

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Seems Legit Garage 8HP Harness kit makes swapping a ZF 8HP into any car easy! SLG harnesses are professionally made in-house and feature motorsport grade connectors, wire, and flexible DR-25 shrink tube. All connectors and terminals needed are included with the harness. Every CAN channel, Digital i/o, Analog i/o, power and ground terminals going to the HTG GCU are available via the pigtails.


Wiring Reference Sheet: HERE


PCB Option: The solder in PCB boards make doing the internal wiring easy. Please choose the one that reflects the version of your transmission. Includes the board, instructions and potting compound. 90A and 95 transmissions not yet supported, soon to be available. Install video HERE


PCB Cover: Some bling and protection for the PCB board once its installed


Wiring Service: With this option you can send in your mechatronics so we can do the hard part. We cut it open, remove the factory TCU wiring, install the PCB, pot the board into the mech, and then put it all back together so you can quickly instal lit back into your transmission and start driving.

Additional information


PCB version

8HP45/50/51/70/75/90/95, 8HP55

Wiring Service (+400€)

Yes, No

Harness Version

V1, V2 (Fully Rachem DR-25)

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