Nissan S-chassis DCT kit

A complete bolt in DCT kit for the S13, S14, and S15 chassis.

This transmission kit will take your Nissan S-chassis to the next level.

Lightning quick shift changes at 50ms, and a gear ratio to keep you in the “sweet spot” for torque and power at all times.

We reccommend using the kit with a S55 GS7 DCT
(From BMW F8X M2/M3/M4)

The gearbox ratios suit both the auto and manual diff very well, and the gears are closer together than the long legged 5 speed.

A longer 7th gear makes cruising on the highway even better.


  • HPR ultra flex transmission mount kit
  • HPR 7075 Aluminium Transmission crossmember kit
  • Transmission to engine adapter plate in 7075 aluminium
  • Flywheel with integrated ring gear.Aluminum Alloy AlZnMg+Ti High spec dynamically balanced acc to ISO 1940/1 quality grade G 6.3
  • HPR output flange to suit Toyota auto or 1350 driveshaft
  • 2x bobbin transmission mounts (60A is slightly harder than the stock bmw)
  • All bolts and hardware included

Engine variations
We stock adapters for JZ and RB egnines with this kit.
SR20 and CA18 kits are also avaliable.

Allow up to 3 weeks delivery of other versions on the kit.


We stock the kit with 860 and 1056Nm sprung hub. (S55/N54)

Allow up to 2 weeks delivery of other versions on the kit.


Optional DCT versions

This kit is for the straight 6 DCT transmission (S55/N54)

Please let us know if you like the kit for S65 or N63 model DCT.

Please add what model car you have during checkout, as there are some variations between the 3 models listed.